Social media is the biggest shift in communication since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It’s a major player in the world of marketing and customer service. It’s simple: not only do you need to be social, you have to be active on social. One huge underrated secret of social media is consistency.

Consistent social media presence does two things:

Strengthens Brand Name Recall: The math is easy – the more you post, the more chance you have at hitting your target audience. You need people to easily remember who you are and the services you offer. So spend time posting and responding to your followers. Get your brand out there. The three Adidas stripes are the most frequently displayed brand logo on Twitter & Instagram. Adidas posts 6.6 million times a month! Okay, so that might be excessive for your company, but you get the point.

Boosts SEO Ratings: When you are posting consistently, it’s like you are showing Facebook that what you are saying is important. Facebook basically rewards you for posting often and will slowly build your impressions. This doesn’t happen if you post three times one week, and not again for another month. The other cool thing is that, according to SearchMetrics,

“The correlation between social signals and ranking positions is extremely high.”

This is HUGE news!! If you have good quality posts and links, it helps your Google ranking.

Disclaimer: Always remember, quality over quantity! Take the time necessary to curate your posts. Don’t just throw random things on your page and hope it goes viral. Make sure it is in step with your brand, and it says what you want it to.

There you have it: an underplayed secret to social success.