SEO is incredibly important and complicated.In this article, I will break down three easy tips that you can do even if you are not a computer genius!!

SEO is the full name is Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically making sure your site is optimized for search engines. Because the majority (79%) of internet users use Google to search, this article will focus on Google as the search engine.

Think of Google as the cool kid in school – you have to do what it wants to get noticed. Google scans all your webpages and there are a few easy things you can do today to improve your ranking. If you are like most people, you do not go past page one in Google, which is why it is imperative to have great SEO and want to optimize your website so it gets recognized.

Link Backs – Linking back to your home website is a great way to get Google to notice you. Use as many free sites as you can to do this – social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Alignable, and other sites. The more popular your website seems, the more Google will recognize it, which will move it up the search pages.

Blogs – Blogs are a great way to bring fresh new content to your website. Google loves when websites add new content, and will reward the page accordingly. It shows Google how relevant you are and that people are interested in what you have to say. Blogs are also great because you can fill it with keywords directly important to your industry, business and geographical location. They are also easy to share on your social media sites.

Images – When you upload pictures to your website, make sure you index them. Instead of uploading 0001.jpeg, take the time to be as specific as possible. Example, if you are a window washing service and it’s a picture of you washing windows name the file “JBC Property Services washing windows power wash Brantford.” Google reads each picture, and will better understand your website when you do this.

These three tips are incredibly easy to incorporate into your website. You don’t need to have gone to school for computer science to make your website searchable. You can literally do them right now!!

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