Instagram is an amazing tool that you can use to build your brand and get eyes on your business. It boasts of one billion users. In Canada alone there are over 9 million users.

These numbers are staggering, and for businesses and brands, it’s a free tool that gets you in front of these people!

However, it’s not all pie in the sky. It takes work and time to build an engaged Instagram audience (Just a reminder: you want an engaged community, which usually means fewer followers. Do you really want 50,000 followers while only getting 3 comments each post?).

Here are five easy steps to build your audience.

1) Engage Your Audience: When you post a piece of content, don’t just log out and forget about it – engage the people who are commenting! Answer questions, say thank you and at least give a heart to the people who took time to comment.

2) Engage Others: Instagram is an active platform. You have to be taking time to like and comment on other peoples posts – especially if they are related to your niche!

3) Use the Hashtags: I cannot stress this enough – use all 30 hashtags you are allotted. This gets you in front of the audience you want to be in front of!

4) Use Location Markers: If you are trying to cell to your city, make sure you are adding the city to your post! Mix it up! Add your exact location and the city. People search Instagram based on this, and you will be setting yourself up to be in from of your potential customers.

5) Be Consistent: I cannot say this enough – consistency is key! If your goal is to post every day, then do it! The more consistent you are with Instagram, the more they reward your reach. It’s a simple equation. You want to be seen, you have got to be putting the time in.

These are five, very simple, quick tips on how to maximize Instagram for your brand. If you implement them, you will see steady growth, and you will be getting the followers that you want.