There is great power in social media! I truly believe social media and the low costs involved actually level the playing field when it comes to small businesses v big corporations advertising. You can get out there, build your brand and tell your story using social media, where more than 2/3’s of the population hang out!

My name is Sherri Barna and social media is my passion. I’ve loved it since ICQ and MySpace! Thankfully, I was able to turn my passion into my career.

For six years, I was the Director of Social Media for an international non-profit organization based in Brantford, Ontario. After managing social media platforms for several different businesses & events for a while for some friends, I thought I would take a shot at opening my own business and start making money. Purple Bean Media officially opened in January 2018. I am passionate about social media, and would love to help your business optimize its social reach!

I am the co-founder of LevelUp Academy, a digital strategy agency. We are a team of digital strategy experts and our main goal is to help you out rank and out reach your competition. We have a weekly podcast focused on strategies to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow.

I recently was featured on the Tell, Don’t Sell Podcast, and frequently contribute to Marketing Edge Magazine. I speak across Ontario, training business leaders on the power of social media. One of the highlights of my work is travelling overseas with clients to develop creative content and to provide on location social media services.

If you need someone to help you with business strategy and social media, I would love to help. Incorporating traditional marketing with digital marketing, I can help you grow your brand and #LevelUp your business!

Sherri in Israel filming for television series video production brantford
Sherri Barna speaking in front of Business people about the power of social media