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Social Media Marketing

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The Challenge

Creating a cohesive brand message across all social platforms

  • Build brand of realtors in brokerage

  • Use various types of social media content

  • Promote real estate, sales and houses sold

Maggie called Purple Bean Media needing help with social media and a displaying a cohesive brand across all platforms. She had multiple realtors in house and wanted to highlight them, as well as focus on Hamilton, ON as a great city to live. At the time, her posts were sporadic and did not offer a visually cohesive branding.

The Process

Our team decided on a social media strategy that focused on creating templated graphics that would be used any time a realtor sold a house, had one for sale or lease. This created consistency across all social media platforms, and created a strong brand image. Next, we utilized Instagram Reels as well as carousels, and started uploading shorts to Youtube. This helped engage their followers as various types of content was produced.

The Results

Our team created beautiful templated graphics for when realtors had a house up for sale or one was sold. This template created a brand cohesiveness across all platforms. Not only did we create and post that content regularly, but we focused on video content. We filmed realtors at their listings and made the message more personal. We also started engaging with other accounts to grow their brand locally and get more eyes on their accounts. At the end of it, Ambitious Realty was extremely happy with our efforts as their brand starting building on all digital platforms.


The account went from no reels to thousands of views

Local brand growth

Not only did impressions go through the roof, but they garnered more followers


Accounts received tens of thousands of impressions

Ambitious Realty Advisors Inc.

Ambitious Realty Advisors Inc., Brokerage is a Hamilton-based real estate brokerage serving Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe Region.

Our Team

Whether you’re looking for your starter home, your dream home, or are planning to downsize for your retirement – our team of Ambitious REALTORS® in Hamilton are committed to providing unparalleled care while helping you achieve your real estate goals.

The founding Ambitious partners identified a void in the city and utilized their broad and complementary skill set to fill it. We have seized opportunity for improved community connection, and spearheaded effecting positive change in the city of Hamilton.

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