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Re-Targeting Ad Magic

Have you ever visited a website, and then suddenly every time you scroll through Facebook or Instagram or read a blog you see the ad for that company everywhere? This isn’t a coincidence or magic, it’s great advertising based on  retargeting campaigns created for a custom audience using Facebooks pixel that tracts a website visitor through the web. All digital

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Crush Out 8 Pieces of Content in 18 Minutes

The two most common complaints when it comes to social media for business owners is that: They don’t know what kind of content to publish, and they don’t have the time to focus on social media. Usually, if they are having this conversation with me, they do realize the importance of social media, but actually

Crush Out 8 Pieces of Content in 18 Minutes2019-12-20T16:49:14-05:00

Purple Bean Media

Purple Bean Media knows success isn’t one size fits all. Contact us and we will help you customize your social media marketing plan to fit your business needs and bring you to the next level.


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