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Sherri Barna is the founder of Purple Bean Media, a digital marketing agency. Her passion is digital marketing. She's loved social media since ICQ and MySpace! Sherri graduated from Wilfrid Laurier in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Studies. She is happily married to her husband Stephen and together they have three children.

The Impact of Local SEO

Effective Local SEO Strategies In today's digital age, businesses are constantly looking for effective strategies to stand out from the competition and reach their target audience. In my last blog, I explain the power of Page One and how to get on the first page of Google.  One powerful tool that has emerged in

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SEO: Unlock the Power of Page One

WHY SEO MATTERS Mastering SEO is one area your business needs to invest in when it comes to digital marketing and marketing online. Here’s a frightening statistic: According to Backlinko,  0.63% of Google searchers click on results from the second page. Less than one percent of people click to page 2 of Google. So essentially,

SEO: Unlock the Power of Page One2023-05-16T14:02:04-04:00

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

What should I Expect from Hiring a Social Media Manager? A social media manager should be knowledgeable about the best practices for managing social media accounts, such as creating content, engaging with followers, and monitoring analytics. They should be able to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing your social media presence, which could include creating

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10 Reasons You Need A Website

If you don't have a site, this blog is for you, and I'll provide 10 reasons you need a website. Every so often, I hear the question: do I really need a website for my business? I’ve gotten this far without one! This blog will not only answer this question (spoiler alert - YES YOU

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand What is Branding? Building your brand is so important, yet so many people don't understand the difference between branding and your logo. There are many elements to a brand. It is a name, term, design, colours, symbol, fonts or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of other sellers. But

The Complete Guide to Building Your Brand2023-06-08T14:36:59-04:00

Content Marketing Strategy Guide for Beginners

Content Marketing Guide For Beginners Content marketing is not just a buzzword or phrase in the land of social media marketing or advertising, it’s an important aspect of building a brand and digital marketing. A content marketing strategy is the most important part of any marketing campaign. It defines what type of content to create

Content Marketing Strategy Guide for Beginners2022-04-19T15:53:12-04:00

What is SEO and how does it work

What is SEO and How it Works Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or webpage in organic search engine results, primarily through SEO on-page optimization techniques. Hence SEO is all about making sure that your website content is ranked high on the SERPs, so that more people

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Video Marketing: How to Brand Your Business

What is Video Marketing? Video marketing can be defined as the process of using videos to promote a product or service. It encompasses everything from recording a video of your company’s new line of clothing or simply making a video about your experiences with your product after reading testimonials online. Some people also use video

Video Marketing: How to Brand Your Business2022-04-14T21:47:51-04:00

Business Networking and Why It’s Important

What is Business Networking? Business networking is a way to make connections with people in the business world. It is the process of meeting and establishing relationships with other entrepreneurs and professionals. Business networking can be done online or offline, and in-person or virtually. It doesn't matter where it is done, only that it is

Business Networking and Why It’s Important2022-04-15T13:06:09-04:00

Purple Bean Media

Purple Bean Media knows success isn’t one size fits all. Contact us and we will help you customize your social media marketing plan to fit your business needs and bring you to the next level.


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