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Sherri Barna is the founder of Purple Bean Media, a digital marketing agency. Her passion is digital marketing. She's loved social media since ICQ and MySpace! Sherri graduated from Wilfrid Laurier in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Studies. She is happily married to her husband Stephen and together they have three children.

Is Instagram Declining?

For the last six months, I’ve noticed that Instagram organic reach is dramatically dropping, and the decline is considerable. There are a few reasons for this - Instagram is very saturated, and following in the footsteps on Facebook - trying to get businesses to pay for views. The reason social media marketing is so

Is Instagram Declining?2019-12-20T16:46:36-05:00

The Holidays are almost here – have you created your Christmas marketing plan?

There is less than 12 weeks until Christmas, which means you need to start planning your holiday marketing campaigns. If you start strategizing early, you will have a solid plan in place that will build your brand awareness and increase sales by December 1. Fun fact: Holiday shoppers start buying presents as early as

The Holidays are almost here – have you created your Christmas marketing plan?2019-12-20T22:24:53-05:00

Google Reviews

Google Reviews work!! As a consumer, I look up restaurants, resorts, cameras and more on Google to check out reviews. I trust what people are saying! Statistics say that the public trusts Google Reviews, and believe they are more genuine. Reviews are a great way for businesses to grow their brand and increase their digital

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Start Using Facebook for Business Sake

If you found out 75% of your customers and potential clients were hanging out a particular restaurant, would you hang out there to meet them or at least advertise there? Of course you would! Any sane business owner would. So why is it still people don't put time into Facebook? By the way: even if

Start Using Facebook for Business Sake2019-12-20T22:31:16-05:00

The Response to Failure

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven't." - Thomas Edison I've been talking to a lot of people in the last year, and an interesting theme I am seeing is the response to failure. There are two types of people: those who get paralyzed by it, and those who keep going. Who

The Response to Failure2019-10-29T13:51:49-04:00

Creating Content is Hard – But it Doesn’t Need to Be

In my experience, the most common hesitation when it comes to social media is this: but what will I post?!?! Everyone gets so overwhelmed at the thought of constantly posting that they freeze up and instead do nothing. And to be clear: this strategy is detrimental to business. What I tell people when they say

Creating Content is Hard – But it Doesn’t Need to Be2019-12-20T16:57:24-05:00

Done is Better than Perfect

I love this quote by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, "Done is better than perfect." It's the idea of doing something, even if it's not ideal. This philosophy doesn't work with a lot of things, but when it comes to digital marketing, it's 100% right on. If you take your time to create the perfect

Done is Better than Perfect2019-10-29T13:52:06-04:00

2 Tips to Instagram Growth

There are TWO crucial factors when it comes to growing on Instagram these days. 1. CONTENT - you hear it all the time.. you're probably sick of it. But content is honestly the most important thing. 2. ENGAGEMENT - Go out of your way to get the most engagement as you can within the first

2 Tips to Instagram Growth2019-10-29T13:52:07-04:00

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Purple Bean Media knows success isn’t one size fits all. Contact us and we will help you customize your social media marketing plan to fit your business needs and bring you to the next level.


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