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Craft Perfect Newsletters

In the dynamic landscape of digital communication, newsletters stand as indispensable conduits that facilitate direct and meaningful connections with your audience. Beyond mere email updates, newsletters play a pivotal role in fostering engagement, building lasting relationships, and distributing tailored content. This versatile tool finds its significance across diverse domains, from business and marketing to personal

Craft Perfect Newsletters2023-12-21T22:01:32-05:00

Mastering Christmas Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Success

It's time to dig into Christmas Marketing Strategies! The holiday season is upon us, and as the year comes to a close, it's the perfect time for businesses to ramp up their marketing efforts and capitalize on the festive spirit. Christmas is not just about giving and receiving gifts; it's also a prime opportunity for

Mastering Christmas Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Success2023-11-16T10:33:06-05:00

10 Reasons You Need A Website

If you don't have a site, this blog is for you, and I'll provide 10 reasons you need a website. Every so often, I hear the question: do I really need a website for my business? I’ve gotten this far without one! This blog will not only answer this question (spoiler alert - YES YOU

10 Reasons You Need A Website2022-10-28T18:18:40-04:00

Content Marketing Strategy Guide for Beginners

Content Marketing Guide For Beginners Content marketing is not just a buzzword or phrase in the land of social media marketing or advertising, it’s an important aspect of building a brand and digital marketing. A content marketing strategy is the most important part of any marketing campaign. It defines what type of content to create

Content Marketing Strategy Guide for Beginners2022-04-19T15:53:12-04:00

Video Marketing: How to Brand Your Business

What is Video Marketing? Video marketing can be defined as the process of using videos to promote a product or service. It encompasses everything from recording a video of your company’s new line of clothing or simply making a video about your experiences with your product after reading testimonials online. Some people also use video

Video Marketing: How to Brand Your Business2022-04-14T21:47:51-04:00

Business Networking and Why It’s Important

What is Business Networking? Business networking is a way to make connections with people in the business world. It is the process of meeting and establishing relationships with other entrepreneurs and professionals. Business networking can be done online or offline, and in-person or virtually. It doesn't matter where it is done, only that it is

Business Networking and Why It’s Important2022-04-15T13:06:09-04:00

Social Media and Mental Health: A Concerning Link

Social Media and Mental Health Can using social media frequently impact our mental health? Studies are starting to show that this may be the case. A study came out of the University of Pennsylvania which had two groups of students. One group was able to continue using social media regularly; the other group was to

Social Media and Mental Health: A Concerning Link2022-04-15T13:15:18-04:00

He chose his phone over his girlfriend & why that matters for marketing

The correlation between phone addiction and marketing Our phones have our attention. All the time. No matter what. Last Saturday, my husband, kids, and I went to Beertown for supper. I noticed this cute couple who were probably in their young twenties on what appeared to be a first or second date. They caught my

He chose his phone over his girlfriend & why that matters for marketing2022-04-15T13:50:30-04:00

Instagram Reels

If you have a pre-teen in the house, you have probably heard about TikTok potentially being banned in the States. TikTok took the world by storm, and Facebook took notice.  Last week Instagram introduced REELS on Instagram, a TikTok knock off.  Reels allows users to record ad edit short-form videos with music and audio soundtracks,

Instagram Reels2020-08-17T10:00:55-04:00

The New, Terrifying Email Scam

THE EMAIL SCAM There's a new email scam going around that would terrify most people if it ever landed in their inbox. About a year ago I received one of these email scams, and it shook me. I freaked out when I received it. I was literally shaking, I got light-headed, I felt nauseous.  Here’s

The New, Terrifying Email Scam2022-04-15T13:44:04-04:00

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