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Tips for Working From Home

Last week, my husband joined me for a Facebook Live, and we gave some practical tips on how to work from home efficiently and effectively. He has been working from home since we’ve been married, and I’ve been doing it for around 7 years. We have learned how to work well at home, even with

Tips for Working From Home2022-04-15T13:53:31-04:00

Guide for Church Online Streaming

An Easy Guide for Church Online Streaming During the Pandemic Covid-19 has turned the world upside within a matter of weeks, including the church. A lot of churches weren’t ready to start streaming their services online, but in the wake of the hour by hour updates, this Sunday most churches won’t be able to meet

Guide for Church Online Streaming2022-04-15T13:59:21-04:00

COVID-19 is Giving Us What We Desperately Need – Rest. 

Everything is canceled.  This means we finally have time to stop the rush and enjoy the slow. We don’t have to run to dance or hockey or cooking class, rushing from activity to activity. The Coronavirus put us on a forced rest. Slowing down isn’t a part of our modern society, but it is much

COVID-19 is Giving Us What We Desperately Need – Rest. 2022-04-15T14:06:16-04:00

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter

When was it that you considered hiring a professional copywriter for your small business? Was it after struggling to come up with fresh blog topics six months in a row? After you became frustrated working on your company’s e-newsletter? Or when you realized your website wasn’t producing many leads? Whatever the reason may be, hiring a

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter2022-04-15T14:02:58-04:00

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads We have all seen retargeting ads, whether we know it or not. Have you ever visited a website, and then suddenly every time you scroll through Facebook or Instagram or read a blog you see the ad for that company everywhere? This isn’t a coincidence or magic, it’s great advertising based on retargeting

Retargeting Ads2022-04-19T11:11:52-04:00

Customer Appreciation is a Growth Strategy

Customer appreciation is such an important facet of business, yet often overlooked by most business owners. But don't underestimate the power of appreciation. One reason I love networking is because I can look across industries and pull out what I like most about them, or what I perceive their strengths to be. The real estate

Customer Appreciation is a Growth Strategy2019-12-21T10:49:23-05:00

Facebook vs Instagram

Facebook vs Instagram Facebook vs Instagram - which platform is better for your business? Last week I released a video about Facebook sending more traffic to your website than Instagram. Click here to watch the video.  This is a very important element to consider when deciding if you will be using Facebook or Instagram

Facebook vs Instagram2022-04-19T11:14:42-04:00

Is Instagram Declining?

For the last six months, I’ve noticed that Instagram organic reach is dramatically dropping, and the decline is considerable. There are a few reasons for this - Instagram is very saturated, and following in the footsteps on Facebook - trying to get businesses to pay for views. The reason social media marketing is so

Is Instagram Declining?2019-12-20T16:46:36-05:00

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