Everybody needs content ideas! The biggest complaint I hear regularly is this “I just don’t know what to post!!” This is not a great position to be in, especially if you are trying to build your brand using social media marketing and content marketing!

If you feel stuck, don’t worry, I have your back. Take advantage of some of these new national holidays to create content for your followers!

Upcoming Holidays:

April 1 – April Fools Day: Do you need an excuse to prank a co-worker? If so, this is your chance. Don’t forget to film and post it!

April 2 – Good Friday: If your audience is religious, consider posting Good Friday content.

April 4 – Easter: I’m drooling just thinking of the chocolate I bought for my kids…post a pic of your stash!

April 7 – National Beer Day: I have lots of content ready… 

April 10 – National Siblings Day: Easy! Take a photo with your siblings and post! Better yet, make it a Flashback photo…

April 11 – National Pet Day: Who doesn’t love to scroll through pet pics? This is an easy one!

April 16 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day: Okay, confession time – I will NOT be participating in this one. But, I think it would be cool to see you role up to the office in pjs and slippers.

April 21 – Administrative Professionals Day: We all love our admins, don’t we!? Post a pic of them and give them a shout out for all the amazing work they do behind the scenes.

April 28 – National Superhero Day: Captain America and Wonder Woman are my favs… post a pic of your and tell everyone why you love them? 

If you post for each holiday, that’s 9 posts just like that! That wasn’t hard, was it? Content marketing works, and posting on social media is a very easy way to get your brand out there. These posts are great for engagement too, so posting for the holidays is a great win-win. 

If you need more ideas on how to create social media content, and build your brand online, I would love to have a coffee with you and walk you through some amazing ideas! Contact me today 🙂