Everything is canceled. 

This means we finally have time to stop the rush and enjoy the slow. We don’t have to run to dance or hockey or cooking class, rushing from activity to activity. The Coronavirus put us on a forced rest.

Slowing down isn’t a part of our modern society, but it is much needed.

 Our ‘do it all’ tendency is killing us.

We are always on the go, living that busy life that is detrimental to our health. We live a lifestyle of rushing from one activity to the next. Even our weekends are filled with a plethora of activities, and it leaves us feeling exhausted by Monday morning. I don’t want my life characterized by stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and busyness. I would think you might agree.

Covid-19 forced slow will be good for us. Good for our relationships, bodies and minds, and souls.

This new forced slow down is a blessing in disguise.

We can take the time to prepare healthy meals and eat good food. To have long and un-rushed conversations, to read good books, to spend time in nature, to sit quietly with a cup of tea.

We can rest, really rest, and I don’t mean just sleeping. We can mentally and emotionally calm down, process our days, take a deep breath.

It will give us a beautiful simplicity, something from the days of old.

So yes, everything is canceled. And I think it’s an unforeseen gift.

Watch a video on the importance of having a social media break!