In my experience, the most common hesitation when it comes to social media is this: but what will I post?!?!

Everyone gets so overwhelmed at the thought of constantly posting that they freeze up and instead do nothing. And to be clear: this strategy is detrimental to business.

What I tell people when they say they don’t know what to post, is to do some perspective changing.

Instead of worrying about ‘content creation’, consider it ‘documenting’. This takes the weight off your shoulders.

When you are getting ready for a big meeting, or just landed a huge deal, turn your camera on and start talking! You can do this on the way back to your car! A quick update on what just happened, or what’s going to happen can go a long way. Snapping pics of your equipment or of you doing your thing also is another great content idea. All of this does not require sitting down and writing a strategy out; it’s just documenting your day to day.

Another way to take the pressure off of content creating is to gather interesting facts and statistics about your industry, and creating content out of it. You can make a quick graphic, or you can post a video about it, or update it as a status (more so on LinkedIn). It’s that easy!!!

I also suggest to people that they take an hour on Monday morning and schedule content for the week – get related videos, pics etc. and schedule them out as much as you can. The Facebook scheduling tool is excellent and easy to work with. This way, you know that your social media is covered for the coming week and don’t have to worry about it.

These are three easy ways to make sure your social media base is covered! Over 3/4 of the population is on social, so it’s where you need to be!!! Do not get paralyzed by perfection – your posts don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to be out there!!!