Creating Content is hard, but it doesn’t have to be

The two most common complaints when it comes to social media for business owners is that: They don’t know what kind of content to publish, and they don’t have the time to focus on social media. Usually, if they are having this conversation with me, they do realize the importance of social media, but actually doing the work of creating content is difficult. This article is going to change that! Does the title sound too good to be true? It’s not. It really is this simple to put out 8 pieces of content in 18 minutes. The first three are the major time consumers.

  • Video
  • Blog
  • Podcast

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Creating content in these three ways is important because it represents three different types of learning styles: visual, naturalist (readers) and auditory learners. These are the big content ideas – but this is also the least amount of work that goes furthest. Kill two birds with one stone. When you are recording a video of yourself, also hit record on your podcast, and boom, you have two for the price of one. As soon as the video is off, I quickly type up everything I just said and create a blog out of it.

Next, while you are filming, take a picture of yourself, or when it’s done, take a picture of your notes or your filming set up. Use this as a tease on social media to introduce your video, or to give a look ‘behind the scenes.

Within a few minutes, you have four great pieces of content. Next, I break the big content pieces into bite-size pieces. I grab a strong quote from the video. It could be the title or just a great one-liner I said, and I put that to work three ways.

  • I put the quote on LinkedIn. I might give it more context, but the quote itself is there.
  • Next, I go onto an easy graphic design site, such as Canva, and I put my one liner on there with a nice picture in the background. I use this for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Next, I tweet my one liner. (bonus content idea – take a pic of your tweet!)
  • Finally, for the last piece of content, I grab my blog, change the context a bit for the audience on LinkedIn, and publish an article on LinkedIn.


There you have it! 8 pieces of content at your fingertips in 18 minutes. You will be able to crush social media if you re-purpose your content and save yourself time! Let’s face it, you don’t want to be spending too much time on social when you have a business to run.

Watch the video I created on this topic here.

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