Customer appreciation is such an important facet of business, yet often overlooked by most business owners. But don’t underestimate the power of appreciation.

One reason I love networking is because I can look across industries and pull out what I like most about them, or what I perceive their strengths to be. The real estate industry does customer appreciation really well, so I studied their strength and configured it to my social media business. 

On the way to work, I popped into a store and picked up a bottle of sparkling wine for a customer. She just got married, and was coming in to our Brantford office to look over a web re-design we just completed for her. When I gave her the bag, she was so happy and grateful. 

This little act of kindness went so far. The whole meeting was very positive, and I believe it’s because we started it on such a high note. 

When people do something nice for you, or appreciates the effort you make, it feels great. That’s the kind of feeling you would like your customer to associate with you and your business.

Of course, you know the importance of keeping your customers happy. Not only does it create a great relationship, but creates customer loyalty as well as favourable attitudes.

On the flip side, when customers don’t feel appreciated, they simply leave. According to SuperOffice, 68% of customers leave because they believe the business does not care about them. 

Keeping your customers happy will keep them as your customers. This goes beyond service. People have an affinity towards people they like. When your customers like you, they are more likely to stay. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.

One of the most important growth elements in a business is a customer appreciation strategy. It costs little, and the return can be huge.

Look for ways to show appreciation to your customers. If they are having an anniversary, or if something special happened in their personal life. 

Consider putting 5% of your budget aside for customer appreciation. Throw a party, buy some wine, send a handwritten note or go to a local brewery and have a beer with your customers. 

A little bit of love goes a long way.