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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is basically making sure your site is optimized for search engines, with Google being the largest one by a significant margin. The goal is getting a top position when someone searches for what you do. Google is the cool kid, and you have to do what it wants if you want it to notice you. Google will give your site a scan, up and down, every once in a while and look at information external to the site itself to decide if it likes what it sees. Since most people don't look past page one in Google's results, it is imperative to have an SEO strategy that puts you there.  We know that there is no one-size-fits-all digital marketing plan. We also know that a good plan should have all of the elements to be completely successful: social media marketing, online advertising, content creation, SEO. But first, an overall strategy will inform all of the decisions that come after. Let us make your life easier. Let us customize a digital marketing plan that fits.  

Social media is the great equalizer. It allows small business to compete on the same level as the big corporations by virtue of the very low costs involved. You can tell your story and build your brand through social media.

When people search for your product or service on Google, does your website show up on the search engine results page (SERP)? If not, you're not reaching those people who are interested in your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps Google have a clear understanding of your business offering. By using the keywords of your industry and other signals to define your business for Google, it helps Google show your company when people search. And that delivers prospects right to your door.  As the online version of you, or your business, social media profiles are a great marketing tool that help you build your business faster. Reach your target market, and engage them with a clearly thought-out strategy and ongoing management. When you invest in social media, with an appropriate strategy, you can generate leads for your business, and build relationships with your customers.  

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Let's work together to tailor a unique social media strategy the uses engaging content to connect your audience to your business. We'll build on your existing marketing to enhance your ability to attract and retain customers.

A picture is worth a thousand words but video takes your branding to a whole new level. Adding video content to your website and your social media platforms is an under-utilized marketing tool that offers tremendous versatility and puts you ahead of your competitors. From creating storyboards to filming and editing the final production, I can help you with the entire project. Harness the power of storytelling to build your business.  Before you get started on building your website, you need to have a plan. I don't mean a plan of how many pages your site will have or whether you go with a responsive theme, I mean a strategic plan that outlines what your business is about and how you will communicate that information, not only on your website but across all platforms, to your target audience. And yes, I believe in the adage that done is better than perfect, but I also believe in not wasting time and money heading in the wrong direction! Let's talk.  

There are literally billions of people using social media on a daily basis. But social media marketing isn't about reaching all of those people. It's about engaging defined target audience and building relationships with individuals; it's about earning trust and cultivating loyalty; it's about turning prospects into customers, one connection at a time. This approach is what makes Purple Bean Media unique: our goals are not only to maximize reach, but also personal engagement!

Whether you're in need of a website designer to help you create a functional on-brand digital representation of your business offering, or a social media marketer to take your content to the next level, we look forward to helping you outline the strategic plan that will ensure all of your efforts pull your business, and your prospects, in the same direction.   

If you need someone to help you with a digital marketing strategy and social media, including website design, video production and more, I would love to help. I can help you grow your brand and #LevelUp your business!