Going viral with a social media video is amazing, but it shouldn’t be your goal. Use social media platforms and video marketing to grow your business, and get in front of your target audience. But doing this consistently isn’t enough anymore, for some reason, we aren’t happy unless we go viral.

Shift Your Perspective on Video Marketing

Prior to this new digital landscape we are currently in, if I approached a business owner and told them they could get in front of ten potential customers a day, they would be incredibly thrilled and would sign on the dotted line. 

Suddenly, with the advent of social media, video marketing and the ability to reach the world, we are increasingly wanting to go viral. Somehow we have flipped the digital script. We aren’t happy with reaching ten, or fifty, or two hundred people; we want more views then there are people in our city! Worst of all, we compare ourselves to Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone, who have tens of thousands of people tuning in to hear what they have to say.

We need to switch this perspective. If you were standing in a room and had the attention of 100 people, would you be happy with that? I know I would be. So next time you look at your numbers, instead of focusing on how many people are not tuning in, be happy with the people who’s attention you do have.

Going viral is great, but it’s not the be all and end all. Smaller numbers are great, because that means you are niching down and getting in front of your target audience. 

Consistency is Key to Social Media Engagement

Do not get discouraged! In this new season, we need to focus on getting online. The minute you want to give up because you have less than 100 people watching, is when you will be defeated. Give those 35 people all you’ve got! That dedication to them will eventually help you grow your numbers. If you want to learn why video is imperative to your social media strategy, read this article.

Not just that, but Facebook will actually reward your consistency by putting your videos in front of more people. They will see you as a ‘content producer’, and push people into your stream.

So keep putting those videos up, and don’t pay attention to the numbers. Do your best and keep going. And remember, even Tony Robbins starts with a handful of views.