Google Reviews work!!

As a consumer, I look up restaurants, resorts, cameras and more on Google to check out reviews. I trust what people are saying! Statistics say that the public trusts Google Reviews, and believe they are more genuine.

Reviews are a great way for businesses to grow their brand and increase their digital presence.

Tips on how to get a review:

  1. ASK – this is so simple, but often overlooked. Ask your client, past clients, or people who know you do great work. Often, I personally will email someone with the link (to make it really easy for the person) and say something like, “I’d really appreciate it if you could leave me a review on Google. I enjoyed working with you on your website development and digital strategy. Thanks.”
  • Leave a review – This is based on the law of reciprocity. This will not work as well as the full ask, but a few will return the favour.

Warning: Don’t email everyone at once!

If you email all of your clients at once asking for reviews, and all of them leave a review in a one week period, it looks so phoney to the customer, and Google does not like it! Our suggestion is to ask once you complete a job. This looks more natural. If you are trying to play catch up, and have never received a review, just ask five people per week, or every other week.