People keep asking me how I grew my business so fast. It’s not something I necessarily sit around and think about, but when the same question came up again this week, I paused.

What am I doing that is making people take notice? Three things popped out to me as I started thinking about my business.

Speed: I move fast, and part of that is deciding on issues quickly. I don’t have long unnecessary meetings. In the past, I’ve been apart of businesses that will have three meetings to decide on a shade of blue for an ad. I remember the team joking about it and sending memes around talking about how this could have been an email. I refuse to waste my time and my teams time. I empower people to make decisions, and rarely jump in on inconsequential details. There are meetings only when meetings are necessary.

Speed is necessary to grow. I need to spend every minute to stretch as far as it can. I use my time extremely wisely, from phone calls from the car on the way to a client, to listening to podcasts while making supper. Trust me, as a mom of three young kids, I need to work efficiently and make the most of my time.

Failing fast is another important lesson I’ve learned. If something isn’t working, I ditch it. I don’t try to revive it or spend another month wondering what I should do about it. I pivot quick and change the direction.

Hiring my Weakness: Another thing I realized right away is that I don’t want to spend my time struggling and doing things that I’m not passionate about or good at. So personally for me, that means I’m not wasting hours trying to figure out the financial aspect of my business. I hired out the weakness. Many people don’t like the idea of hiring out your weakness because they don’t want to spend money on it. I always tell them they are losing out on more money than they are saving because struggling and wasting time does three things: it zaps your energy, you aren’t doing your passion which is your money maker, and it takes way to long to do it. Trust me, hiring out something you aren’t good will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Frequency: This is something I talk a lot about. Get out there! For instance, this blog came from a podcast and live video Trevor and I just recorded. It took less than ten minutes to pound this blog out because it was fresh in my head. So I got three solid pieces of content for a 25 minute investment. And I could probably get even more from it!

Frequency isn’t just about digital, it’s about real life too! Join the Chamber of Commerce, take out ads, do whatever you can to get your name and face out and grow your brand!
These are the three things I’ve noticed I do that makes me very efficient and helps me build my brand. Not to sound prideful, but I can’t believe how far I’ve come in less than two years of being open. I know if you started to implement these three things, you will also find success.