Exciting news – we just got wind of Instagram’s ranking update!

Instagram is rolling out updates to its ranking systems to amplify content from smaller, original creators throughout the social network. The platform, owned by Meta, notes that historically, creators with significant followings and accounts sharing reposted content have dominated reach. To address this, Instagram aims to level the playing field by introducing a series of changes over the coming months, ensuring all creators receive equitable reach.

There are three big takeaways that come out of this new update:

  1. Instagram will prioritize original content
  2. Smaller accounts will get a greater boost in algorithm on reels!
  3. Reposted content won’t be promoted

1. Prioritizing Original Content

This is not the worst news, but it might mean more work for you. Instagram is trying to give original creators more reach. By prioritizing original content, Instagram creates a more equitable environment where small businesses and creators have a fair chance to gain visibility. This levels the playing field and reduces the dominance of larger accounts, allowing smaller ones to compete more effectively. This also encourages creativity and highlights the importance of building Brand Identity!

What does this mean for you?

If you are a business who focuses on creating original content, this is the best news you could hear! You most likely are publishing original content…this means that Instagram will be boosting your reach! If you aren’t prioritizing original content, now is the time. Double down on your creation and make it a priority!

2. Smaller Accounts will get Greater Boost!

Instagram is implementing a ranking adjustment to enhance the distribution for smaller creators (YAY!), prioritizing original content over reposts in recommendations.

Instagram has been developing a revised recommendation ranking system, showcasing eligible content to a targeted audience it believes will appreciate it. As engagement grows, the top-performing Reels will gradually reach a broader audience. Instagram anticipates this modification will provide all creators with an equitable opportunity to connect with audiences.

What does this mean for you?

Make valuable content that people will like because when they engage with it, the algorithm will see that and boost it, giving you a change to get in front of a lot more eyes and grow your account! It also means that viral creators will be sharing their real estate on the discovery page and in-feed recommendations. So get posting!!

3. Reposting Content Won’t Be Promoted

As mentioned above, Instagram will be prioritizing original content over reposts in recommendations. Additionally, it will add labels to reposted content and exclude content aggregators from recommendations.

If instagram finds identical pieces of content on instagram, they will only recommend the original video. Not only that, they might remove the identical piece of content and replace it with the original (in recommendations)! But, if you create content and significantly change it (add your own piece of content at the end, create a meme or parody, etc), then it will handle it as the algorithm currently does.

What does this mean for you?

It’s gonna get a bit harder to get views. Re-posting videos was an easy way to get views on topics that related to your industry. Now, you will have to make an effort to create your own. Know that if you do re-post without significantly changing the content, it won’t be in the places where instagram recommends reels, such as the explore page and in-feed recommendations.

“First you are a media company, than you are a business.”

Gary Vaynerchuk.

This is the way we must view our world in 2024. Report on things happening in your industry, make creating content a strong focus and be active on social media!

Instagram’s decision to prioritize original content and smaller accounts will greatly help small businesses and creators. Organic social media creative reigns supreme in marketing today. The industry evolves rapidly, yet in 2042, I’ll still challenge, “Are you still focusing on social media?” At this very moment, organic social media creative stands as the pinnacle of importance in marketing.

So…. Get creating! And if you need help creating content, check out my social media services!