Instagram is a great marketing tool and something you should get on right now. Literally, stop reading. Go create an account…

If you are already on it, good for you! The organic reach is pretty good, although I have noticed a bit of a lag in the last 4-6 months. If they follow the same path as Facebook (which I personally believe they will), they will slow down organic growth to drive businesses to pay for advertising. So my advice is to get on it now and start growing organically as much as you can while we are able to.

Things change quick in social media land and things can literally change overnight.

If you are selling a product, get an influencer to shout it out for you. Influencer marketing is still brand new and prices are helter skelter at the moment. No-one knows how to price themselves! So the top three influencers might be insanely priced at $15,000 and the fourth could be asking just for free product.

If you have a handle on Facebook, try adding Instagram to your portfolio. Jump on the grain and start growth hacking before the platform starts charging for it. There is a lot of potential!