Social Media Training

Once we set up your platform, we maintain it. Social media isn’t a 9-5 job, keeping up with the conversation often happens off the clock. We will monitor your platforms and engage them when they happen. We will engage with your audience.


Social media training is ideal for business owners and individuals looking for quality social media in their own business. Social media training courses are a great way for digital marketers to level up their skillset. If you are interested in Facebook for business, digital marketing trends and development training, sign up for our social media course today!

As current social media and digital marketers, we are always learning new skillsets, and we will share our best tricks with you because we are always keeping up to date to best serve our customers.

Learn how to get the maximum results for your social media presence.

There are many benefits to social media training.

  • Learn to use social media tools and social media marketing to reach a larger audience
  • Improve customer service with social listening and online conversations
  • Get ideas about content creation
  • Educate employees on best practices and opportunities when using social media on behalf of the company
  • Learn how to send traffic to your website and drive brand engagement
  • Learn the best social media strategy to represent yourself and company

Social media training will empower your employees to be more effective in what they are sharing. They will feel confident sharing news about the company and representing your company online. Social media and digital marketing is crucial in todays world. Social media is one of the most effective delivery methods for online marketing skills.

Our social media training courses and workshops in Brantford and surrounding areas are intimate. We keep class sizes small so we can better assist our customers and ensure quality learning experience, and answer one on one questions.

We provide custom in-house training to grow your digital presence and train your employees. For organizations, social media training is necessary to bring your employees up to speed on new algorithms, content creation and brand awareness throughout all social media channels. Social media isn’t going anywhere and will continue to grow in importance.

If you are just getting started with digital marketing and building your social media presence, we would love to provide you with training!

Our course provides marketing training, an emphasis on personal branding, and how to use social media for businesses.

We offer public workshops in other areas of marketing such as search engine optimization SEO and Google analytics, Instagram training, content creation courses, and much more.

Contact us today if you want us to train your company in your office space! We will travel.