Retargeting Ads

We have all seen retargeting ads, whether we know it or not. Have you ever visited a website, and then suddenly every time you scroll through Facebook or Instagram or read a blog you see the ad for that company everywhere? This isn’t a coincidence or magic, it’s great advertising based on retargeting campaigns created for a custom audience using Facebooks pixel that tracts a website visitor through the web. All digital marketing should include retargeting campaigns. The Facebook pixel targets people who have visited your site over the past 30 days.

Retargeting ads are a very effective way to convert warm leads (your website visitors) into sales

Retargeting is an online advertising method that offers opportunities to recapture people who have shown interest in your service or product by creating a dynamic ad specified to a custom audience. For example, if a potential customer is looking for a service and lands on your website, then leaves your website, we can place a pixel on your website that will follow the users around the web and will allow your display ads or ad sets to appear on social sites or websites. By seeing your ads again, there is a better chance that they will return to your site. The conversion value will shoot up as this is one of the most efficient and effective paid advertising you can do.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Facebook retargeting works across many channels, including paid search, emails, and social media. If you have site visitors coming to your website and not taking action, or abandoning the shopping cart, this is the perfect solution for you. Retargeting works to draw customers back to your site or your product. With the average person spending two hours per day on social media, this is an amazing and cost-effective way to get in front of them by creating specific a Facebook ad that speaks to what they were searching for. This also works on the mobile app.

Pixel-Based Retargeting Ads

Pixel-based retargeting places facebooks pixel in the user’s browser to track the pages and products that they view. The cookie will notify the ad to serve specific ads to the user based on what they clicked on or browse. Ads can run up to thirty days from the last time someone visited a site. This is very effective because it is timely and behaviour-based, and can be tracked as they visit specific pages. Retargeting is a gentle reminder to users of the products or pages they viewed, which encourages them to continue in the funnel which can lead to conversion. It also generates brand awareness by bringing certain products or features to site visitors and is a very effective advertising campaign for 2020.

If you overuse this tool however it can have negative effects. You can overwhelm your targeted audience and turn them off of your product, called ad fatigue. It is important to limit the number of times you show your ads to people.  Use a burn pixel to untag users who have made a purchase, ensuring you aren’t running ads for something they already have. This annoys people (including me!) and you can wreak havoc on your Facebook remarketing campaign, which is something you want to avoid.

How Facebook Retargeting & Facebook Pixel Work

You can put a pixel code on specific pages so you can create a dynamic ad centered on a specific product, or on a blog post. Who do you want the pixel to track? Are there any specific actions you would like to see to increase conversion rates? If so, we can track people on social networks by setting up your Facebook properly to implement Facebook retargeting. This will allow the pixel to track the website visitor throughout her online journey for up to thirty days. It is even able to track people who have recently purchased a product from your eCommerce platform, put items in your shopping cart, cart abandoners, or have visited your site in the past. This is all run through your ad manager or ads account. Click here to read how to set up an ad account.

Creating an Ad Campaign

You can create an ad campaign with an ab test and lookalike audiences. A video ad is an effective method for Facebook remarketing. We can also build ad formats that reach people who have watched your past Facebook video. Targeting people for eCommerce marketing who have viewed your product catalogs has proven a very effective strategy. Creating your own Facebook custom audiences will also increase the likelihood of sales. Retargeting strategies can be video-based, or static ads.

Like any marketing objective, this also helps brand awareness, as you are able to retarget people who spend time with your brand online. Dynamic retargeting keeps your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

If you are interested in using re-targeting and getting started with Facebook retargeting ads as part of your marketing strategy in 2020, message me today. This is an imperative part of social media marketing and lead generation. If you need help with a Google ad, or SEO, or need a guide to Facebook or a Facebook retargeting campaign, feel free to connect!

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