‘Should I invest in SEO/Website or Social Media Marketing’ is a question I get asked pretty often. I understand why people ask it, but it drives me nuts. You NEED both!

These two things are complimentary to each other – if you want to have an amazing website presence, you need social to help make you searchable. And if you want a great social media presence, you need your website to complete the sales/collect the leads! Stay with me …

When you have a great social media presence with lots of mixed content (video, pics, posts) the social media helps you rank better on Google! Take a moment and search your company – your website and the linked social sites will appear.

On the other hand, if you use social media and are selling your service or products, you need to drive people to your website. You really need both!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a website is more of a pull. People search for a service or product on Google, and you pop up! If you don’t appear, that’s bad news! If you want any hope of reaching people, you need to be on the first page, and really, the top three search spots (not paid ads – this will be another post!). For instance, if you are a HVAC person, and someone types in broken air conditioner, or HVAC technician, you want to pop up. Not just those two terms, but you need to pop for any terms they are searching. SEO helps you use the key words involved in your industry to find what your business is. The whole point of SEO is to help Google understand what your business is and the service/product you offer, so when people search for a company, you show up!

Social Media is more of a push. We push your brand, your company or your products onto people. They see you even when they are not necessarily looking for you. So when the time comes that they do need something, they remember you and search your business – not your competitors! Social media is advertising, brand building and customer service all in one.

Both marketing options are two sides of the same coin; they are push and pull. They really compliment each other, and both work effectively when used hand in hand. To be really great at one, you need both.

Marketing is what gets your company money. Don’t skimp out on it. We are living in a digital age, and you need both the Push and Pull, Website and Social! If you need help with either, let me know! Purple Bean Media is starting to get into the SEO/Website space to bring you an all-all-encompassing digital service!