When you hear the term “social media,” what comes to mind?

Pictures of children, pets, and meals? If so, you’re not alone. These are the usual expectations when scrolling through social media feeds. However, as a business page, you need to approach your posts with greater thoughtfulness. Business pages differ significantly from personal profiles and should reflect your company’s values and brand.

A successful Social Media Manager possesses comprehensive knowledge of best practices for effectively managing social media accounts across a variety of platforms. From content creation and follower engagement to analytics monitoring, they are well-versed in every aspect and excel at developing holistic strategies to enhance your social media presence, using content calendars, post scheduling, and data analysis. By staying updated on the latest trends, they adeptly apply them to drive success for your business.

Our Process

At Purple Bean Media, we offer in depth solutions to effectively manage your social media presence. Our experienced team ensures your accounts are expertly managed, saving you substantial time and effort. We are adept at tailoring strategies that align with your business goals, refining your approach, and executing it flawlessly. We begin with a social media audit, observing previous posts and presenting a plan to engage your ideal customer with purposeful, relevant content. With a plan in place, we work on adapting your content to suit each social media platform, leveraging hashtags to grow your band, actively engaging in conversations and driving more leads and traffic to your website.

We are confident we can help you achieve your objectives and extract maximum value from your social media marketing endeavors.

“Our business chose Purple Bean Media for our website redesign project. They were timely, professional and we are impressed with the quality of the site. They provided a great design and built a website that is modern, professional, and easy to manage. We would highly recommend Purple Bean Media.”

– Jonathan Jagt Frontier Decking and Frontier Eaves and Siding

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