What do you think of when someone says the word, “social media?” Pics of kids, pets and lunches??? If so, you aren’t alone. When scrolling, these things are basically expected. However, as a business page, you need to be more thoughtful on what your posting. Business pages are very different from your personal page, and they need to reflect your values as a company and brand.

Most people are online for two reasons: Entertainment and Education. Are your posts reflecting this?

When posting content, ask yourself these questions,

  • Does this build my brand?
  • Does it reflect my business priorities?
  • Does this help my customers at all?
  • Does this build relationships?

When I perform social media audits, I often see businesses post what they want to post, without considering their customer at all. Or worse, posting just for the sake of posting – random content at all hours of the day. This is wrong and can damage your online reputation. Be purposeful when it comes to posts.

Now, to add another layer on posting content…

Make sure you are posting specific to each platform. LinkedIn is not the place for a funny cat video, or a political rant. Business men and women are joining LinkedIn to grow their network and gain some knowledge.

Instagram is made for pictures – so take your time to create a quality picture. Put some thought in the copy. Use hashtags to grow your brand and don’t forget to engage in conversations!

Facebook and Twitter are not the same. A text status will go over poorly on Facebook, and will be seen by less than one percent of your followers.

Take the time to make your content specific to each platform! It is worth it in the end and the work will pay off.