2022 Summer Social Media Strategies

There are so many things to look forward to in summer – it’s so relaxed, the sun is out, beer is cold and everyone seems to be happier. But don’t be too quick to relax on your social media strategy! In a world where social media is a relatively new marketing frontier, it is important to understand how to use your social media platforms effectively. It’s not just about posting content and waiting for the likes and shares. It takes strategy and a plan to be successful in this space. I have lots of blogs and videos about social media marketing. This article is dedicated to social media strategies for summer 2022, as well has a section for quick tips you can implement!

That being said, once summer hits, a lot of businesses start putting their social media on the back burner. It could be due to time-off, a more relaxed vibe in the office,  kids being home or any number of other reasons. Keep in mind that your customers are still scrolling your social media posts and are still buying products and using services! Take advantage of your summer’s social media strategy and make the message resonate with your audience! Don’t leave opportunity on the table. Advertising doesn’t stop just because it’s beautiful outside!

Social Media Summer

Social networking doesn’t stop in the summer. By creating a marketing planning calendar, you will be able to jump on social media trends, create strong marketing plans, build a strong social media presence with a summertime digital media strategy! Although it’s summer, you still need to generate buzz, measure your metrics and increase growth across all channels and pages.

Here are some ways how you can implement a successful social media marketing strategy over the summer.

social media marketing summer strategy

Create a content calendar:

Planning ahead will help you stay organized and consistent with your message. Make sure that your posts have variety as well as consistency so that people don’t get bored with what they see on your feed.  A marketing calendar will ensure you plan for special holidays or sales before they arrive. Put an hour or so aside to have a brainstorming session and generate ideas for a content creation campaign, how to create memorable user experiences for your customers, find popular trends and strategic content generation.

Choose the right social media network:

You need to know which platforms are best suited for your brand and what they offer in terms of engagement, demographics, etc. For example, LinkedIn has more of an audience that focuses on business, whereas Instagram is great to show off your lifestyle. Social media users expect different things on different platforms, so create marketing strategies specific to each social media platform.

Use Right Social Media Tools:

Marketing tools are available in abundance these days. So, how do you pick the right ones for your business? Scheduling tools are ideal, especially if you won’t be in the office daily. Here are three social media platform tools that I use regularly. 

      • Facebook and Instagram have Meta Business Suite and Creator Studio. Both have scheduling options and a really nice social media calendar where you can easily schedule social media content ahead of time.
      • Hootsuite is another great social media management system. This tool helps you manage your social media accounts from one dashboard. You can schedule posts and monitor conversations on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It has a free version which is more than enough for most small businesses.

Summer Digital Marketing Ideas:

Are you stuck for ideas? Summer offers lots of ideas.

  1. Create a landing page that focuses on summer sales. This will help increase traffic to your websites as well as presents opportunities to build your email marketing list.

  2. In-person or online events focusing on friends, family and employees will be sure to create a lot of buzz and user generated content.

  3. Build your community! Highlight different businesses over the summer. Create stories around all your favourite patios, tag the business and feature local businesses.

  4. Use summer-focused hashtags. This will also help identify trends in your industry.

  5. Test a new social platform such as Tik Tok or Snapchat! This builds another communication bridge and you may hit someone who is not on Facebook or Instagram!


5 Quick Tactics:

Change your social media auto-message! Let people know that you are not available on messenger so it’s best to connect with the company via email, phone or by visiting the business site.

Use stories daily! This helps invite your audience into your life and takes the pressure off your shoulders to create the perfect post.

Let others in your business post on your behalf. Share the responsibility! Enjoy an ice-cold beer while some other people worry about social for a change 😉 Share your social strategy with a designated person so they stay on brand message.

Update your social media profiles. Change your cover photos (especially on Facebook and Youtube), update your hours on your Google My Business profile and change your messaging. There’s nothing worse than outdated messages and pictures on your website and social networks.

Hire a social media manager.  Sorry had to put this in here. If you really want to have a strong brand presence online, hiring an agency like Purple Bean Media is the perfect way to ensure that your brand continues to grow in the summer, as well as make sure you are posting consistently!


Purple Bean Media Social Media marketing

Social media marketing has become a key component of any marketing strategy. This is because social media is a great way to reach out to your target audience and provide them with a personalized experience. Summertime is a great way to show the light-hearted nature of your business! Brands do this because it works, and consumers love it. Your team will appreciate the change of pace too! Social networking is supposed to be social! Connect with your users and followers by engaging on posts.