There is a massive boom in the male grooming industry – the growth is insane and continues to soar! According to Statista reports, this industry will increase to more than $26 billion by 2020! If you are an owner of a barbershop or salon, this article has a few tips for targeting male clients this Father’s Day, and every other day too!

Promote Father’s Day Deals: This is an easy one! With Father’s Day around the corner, I hope you have already been brainstorming ideas for Father’s Day promotions. Discounted hair cuts, beard trims and buy one get one hair/beard products will work very well. If you are in the salon space, you are regularly servicing women, who happen to have fathers or husbands in their lives. Use your clientele list to get the men in their lives into your chairs! Promote these through social media, emails, on your website, and signs!

Curb Appeal: Interestingly enough, curb appeal is crucial for salons. 70% of a salon’s walk-in customers are men. Advertise outside your shops – put your special’s and promotions on your sign outside. Use every holiday to take advantage of this. Catch the eyes of the men walking outside your shop!

Discounts: We all love a deal. A perfect deal for this Father’s Day weekend is to run a special: free child’s haircut if the dad gets his hair cut! The child/father bond is fantastic, and what’s more, you just know the mom will snap a picture of the experience and put it on Facebook.

Follow Up: Get the info and have your secretary follow up. Most men need a haircut again in 4-6 weeks – so call them and draw them into your barbershop or salon. Ask them to follow you on Facebook, or sign up for your email promotions. You need a follow-up strategy to keep your salon top of mind, and from keeping them from wandering into other salons as they pass by. Perhaps even signing them up for a loyalty program would work best – give them a free hair cut after ten cuts or free beard oil after five appointments. It can be anything!

Grow into this market as it continues to explode. Strategies to build customer loyalty is of utmost importance, and getting new clients what will make your company number one in your city. If you use these tips, not only will it draw attention for this holiday, but it will also help build your customer base, and will help you secure returning customers year-round.